Did you see the not-at-all staged ''break-in'' X-Factor audition?

You might argue that X-Factor has ALWAYS been staged and, to a degree, it has been. This season, however, takes the biscuit.

We've already had a former boyband singer take a run at the judges, there have been countless sob stories and last night saw a horrendously staged "break-in" audition. Essentially, what happened was Kirsty Murphy, a 21-year old dance instructor from Liverpool, burst into the middle of someone else's audition and begged for an opportunity to sing.

She did, singing Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You, and subsequently "wowed" the judges. Who then gave her a place in Boot Camp! Here's how it went down.

Now, the truth is that these things are usually RIDDLED with security and if she got within spitting distance of the filming room, it's because she was allowed to do so. Either the producers told her it was fine or they didn't tell the judges or, more likely, the whole thing was staged beforehand.

Twitter, of course, wasn't convinced about the whole thing.


What do you think? Was it staged or was it real? Let us know in the comments and vote in our poll!


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