September Editor's Letter: Time to start again

In this month's Editor's Letter, Miriam is thinking positively. September is the perfect opportunity to attempt a fresh start.

If you work all the way through summer, or if you're a stay-at-home parent, or if you're a teacher with three months of holidays, no matter what kind of life you lead, summertime isn't 'real life'. There are holidays to be taken, weekend events to attend (every weekend). You have to spend time outdoors doing things until 11 o'clock because it's still bright out and not to would be 'a waste'. Readers, TGI autumn.

I'm a believer in the New New Year. The second chance to change. After sacrificing our lives to the summer abyss, it's the natural time to begin again. Because my birthday occurs in late summer, this determination to start afresh and do things right comes naturally. But the back-to-school time is an opportunity for everyone. Routine is catching.

The changes I'm planning on making are not going to be easy. Because of the nature of my job, I can't commit to after-work classes or personal training sessions, so I'm going to try to exercise in the morning. I am a typical night owl, so I really don't want to do it this way, but I have to. I'm also planning on fewer nights out, getting up good and early on the weekends and taking up some sort of hobby that I can do by myself at home. (Although maybe I'll just get a mindfulness colouring-in book.)

What's happening on Beaut?


Our Nutrition Expert Eva Burg undertook an eight-week 'body transformation' challenge during the summer. She wrote about why she decided it needed to happen last month; and here's how she got on. Setting a goal like that is a good idea if you want to improve your fitness levels. I find that if you can count down to the end date, surviving a fitness session gets easier.

September is also a time to update your skincare routine - or get into one again after the madness of summer. Who brought wipes with them on holidays and got back in the habit? Bold! Here are our Skincare Expert Jennifer Rock's top tips for updating your skincare routine for autumn.

Now is also a good opportunity to get working on your confidence. A healthy mind is a happy mind - and it might give you the boost you need to start physical changes. Next week, we're revealing the winners of the Beaut Awards 18 and combining the party with a celebration of the Beauty of Confidence. By coming along, you can have the chats with your favourite beauty brands, listen to some inspiring women on our panel, and generally have the craic. Tickets are only €15 (+ VAT), and you can get yours here right now!

On a final note - because I'm saying it to myself, too - don't worry if your New New Year plans don't fully work out this time. It's only four months till January!

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