Style Evolution: The artist sometimes known as Cheryl Cole

Now that the artist formally known as Cheryl Tweedy's divorce has been finalised, we don't know what to callĀ her.

Perhaps she'll finally get her wish and be addressed by a mononym, in the tradition of Madonna, Cher and Psy?

She's worked hard for it, to be honest, and we have to give her some compensation for some of the terrible outfits she was forced to wear in the public eye. In the early days, Girls Aloud Cheryl had skinny eyebrows and a fringe that Damo would be jealous of.

girls aloud cheryl

When she was second in command to Chief WAG Victoria Beckham, she had to hide her beautiful head under truly ugly hats.

Cheryl Cole WAG

Fast forward to her XFactor makeover, when Cheryl became the UK's sweetheart in a bandage dress.


Cheryl Xfactor days

And who could forget her Fight For This Love hooded, peaked tops and no bottoms?

cheryl fight for this love

She's faced criticism for her dubious trend-that-goes-too-far choices, like this colour block horror show:

cheryl colour block s factor

But in the past couple of years, she's appeared in quite chic outfits. She's not afraid to give a little wave in this one.


cheryl fernandex-versoni

Take a look at Cheryl's style evolution over her fourteen years in the public (yes, fourteen). If you were her, which looks would you like to see lost in the annals of time?

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