Was supermodel Cara Delevigne actually digitally slimmed down for Suicide Squad?

VFX and CGI has reached a point now where previously-deceased actors can be brought back to the screen, or living actors can be de-aged to look like themselves at a younger stage.

More often than not, these choices are made for creative purposes. However, a VFX breakdown of Suicide Squad, 2016's biggest disappointment besides Donald Trump being elected US President, has shown that some selective slimming and reshaping of Cara Delevigne may have taken place.

The model-turned-actor played Enchantress, an archaeologist who becomes possessed by an ancient evil that transforms her into a powerful sorceress that shoots out energy beams and whatnot from her physique. The VFX team behind the effects, Imageworks, released a breakdown of their work and one particular part - where Delevigne is changed into Enchantress - has caught people's attention.

In a side-by-side GIF, it seems as though Delevigne's waist was slimmed and toned to make her appear more slender. Shading and colouring also took place, but it does appear that there was some reduction on her frame.

Here's the GIF to see for yourself...


And here's the video breakdown in full. It does appear as though her frame and physique was altered, but so far neither Imageworks, David Ayer or Cara Delevigne have publicly commented.

Via YouTube

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