Taking a supplement? What's your favourite


Around me they're dropping like flies.

Colds, chills, aches, bugs... you name it,  the air is thick with germs and everyone's panicking.

"I've started my echinacea drops for the winter" one girl confided, while another popped a Berocca into her glass and downed a handful of vitamins.

"Have one of these" someone else offered, offering round what looked like sweets but were apparently "packed with zinc - great for warding off colds".


Upon questioning it seemed that everyone was upping their supplement doses to get themselves winter ready.  Whether it was Lysine, in anticipation of coldsore outbreaks, or nail and skin supplements to make sure they got through the harsh weather looking relatively unscathed, everyone was swallowing some kind of supplement.

"Don't forget probiotics either" warned the girl with the pot of Actimel "Very beneficial in winter".

I thought I was ok with my daily Multibionta - but now I'm not so sure.  What about you - what supplements do you take?  Or do you think it's all a load of marketing codswallop and once we have a healthy diet we don't need to take anything extra?

Opinions gratefully received - I'm just about to hit the Solgar site and go crazy with the credit card!

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