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diet plateYou may remember we've blogged about the Diet Plate before. It's a plate that helps you to diet by giving you guidelines to portion size. The guidelines are marked out on the plate, and you can eat anything you like, as long as you respect the guides. if you're very good and use it every day like you're meant to (i.e. unlike me) it can keep you in check and allow you to teach yourself what constitutes a portion, and thusly not overeat. For example, a portion of meat is akin to the size of a pack of cards - you may be shocked to hear that, but it's true. So if you're trying to loose weight and eating all the right things etc, but nothing's happening, it could be your portion sizes that are sabotaging you.

The inventor of the Diet Plate, Kay Illingworth, got in touch with me to tell me about one of her many Diet Plate success stories:

"A previous customer called me a few weeks ago, she had bought The Diet Plate from me a year or so ago and lost 2stones 7lbs with relative ease (yes the product works well) however, when she was down to goal, instead of maintaining on it, as we suggested, she lent it to her best mate. A year later she was calling me to buy a full set, she was too embarrased to ask her friend for it back and over the year she had piled back on 10lbs in weight, even though she knew the portions and was trying to be good on her normal plate! So you see it does pay to have one in your cupboard and it is not too dear if it does the job and is in your cupboard for life as a durable product. I can promise your followers it is all they need to lose weight and we do offer email support free if they need it."


Can't say fairer than that really! If you want to buy one for yourself, they're readily available here in tons of pharmacies. I've no proper price info unfortunately - mine cost me about €40 all in when I ordered it from the UK, but as they're available here now, it should cost considerably less.

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