The price of beauty: Jodie Marsh


It's very easy for celebrities to look fabilis on the red carpet. Sure we could all look like a squillion dollars if we'd a team of top make-up artistes and hair stylists and professional fake tanners and the like on hand to transform our looks every day of the week! But what do you reckon it takes to make up a zelebrity for a movie premier?

Well, according to last night's Miss Naked Beauty on Channel 4, a team of make-up artists using more than 30 products worked on Jodie Marsh for 90 minutes to create the look she's sporting above. And the cost? £350.


I think she was ripped off, frankly; sure any Tom, Dick or Harry could have nipped round her gaff with some Double Wear and a black Magic Marker and told her not to waste time brushing out her bed-head hair for a fiver and a cuppa!

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