The Things About Friends...

I love my friends. I love their sense of humours, their support, their quirks (like using the word ‘brassiere’ rather than ‘bra’ for the past fifteen years or so), but I would not say that I love everything about them. Oh no. Because there are some things that they love that I just flat-out do not get. Here are some examples.

  • Daniel O’Donnell

Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards 2013

The jumpers. The songs. The general air of Eoin McLove to him. I don’t think I need to go on here. I think my mate is mainly being ironic about this one, but I just can’t be sure. There seems like there’s a lot of ardour going on there. And yet, one of my favoured contacts in my phone will voluntarily play his music. The mind, it boggles.

  • Veganism


This one is tricky, because I cannot argue with the healthy benefits to veganism (not to mention the environmental benefits) and I do love my vegan friends. But show me a baked potato without cheese or butter on it and I will show you something that I don’t want to eat. So dinner in their house isn't my favourite activity.

  • Junior 

junior 1994

I have a friend who loves this film and I have no idea why. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a male scientist who, you know, becomes pregnant. Much as I would a medical breakthrough development like this to become a reality (get on that please, Science), I struggle with the argument that this is somehow a quality film worth watching.


I struggle with Arnie’s accent, I struggle with the ‘science’ portions of the film, I struggle with the sex scene complete with Arnie’s huge bump. But mostly I struggle with the unavoidable fact that Emma Thompson is in this film. Oscar-winning Emma Thompson, lads.

  • Jaeger Bombs

Gobnait wasn't sure if she could listen another second of

This one is definitely my fault, after I knocked one of these back during my college years (ah, youth…) carnage ensued. But my friends who love ‘em, love ‘em hard and the smell alone is enough to bring back some very painful memories. No can do, chicas.

  • Anne Hathaway


Not to flog a dead horse, but I think the woman is such a try-hard! I don’t care that she made some good films (I will grudgingly admit that she was good in Rachel Getting Married) but who can take a dose of such a dose? My friends. That’s who.

  • Leaving the Tea Bag in Tea…

Teaspoon over cup of tea or coffee


…Otherwise known as having a ‘floater’. It looks like a regular cup of tea, but little do you know that below that lovely tan surface (or burnt umber, or chestnut, or beige – however you take it yourself) lurks an unwanted, soggy, sodden, and now-milky teabag from the deep. Bleurgh.

I think it is a testament to how much my friends and I genuinely get along that we can put up with each others differences in taste and opinion. They, for example, have magnanimously over-looked my tendency to list things about them on online, along with myriad other flaws. What do your mates love that you just can’t even? Tell us in the comments!

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