The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Musical Line Up is a Goodie

It's coming around to that time to year again, when the genetically blessed strut their stuff on the catwalk in an array of unattainable undergarments (avec oversized wings) while pop stars pretend not to look awkward - hopefully leading to such gems as this moment. God bless, Ariana Grande.

In New York, on December 8th, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd will be among the musicians performing at this year's show, with the latter thought to "be accompanied by girlfriend Bella Hadid, who may take to the runway with her model sister Gigi."

Last year, we had sterling performances from Taylor Swift (who blended) as well as a rather excitable looking Ed Sheeran, and Hozier (who blended with his hair).

Do you enjoy the sheer spectacle of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, or is it even on your radar?


Via The Independent 

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