We Know the Best Place for Cocktails in Ireland

The best bar in Ireland was announced last night, but before we had a look at that, we ran our finger down the list until it landed on the word cocktail. Which bar took the crown? Why, the Vintage Cocktail Club in Dublin. And now we feel like having a mojito.

The answer to the best bar in the land at last night's Sky Bar Awards was Langton's in Kilkenny.

Here's the breakdown of the rest of the awards.

  • Leinster Bar of the Year - Empire Bar - Dublin (Swords)
  • Munster Bar of the Year - Sober Lane - Cork
  • Connacht Bar of the Year - An Pucán - Galway
  • Innovative Bar of the Year - Söder + Ko - Dublin
  • Dublin Bar of the Year - Toners - Dublin
  • Nightclub of the Year - The Palace - Meath
  • Outside Space of the Year - Bridies Bar - Kilkenny
  • Cocktail Bar of the Year - Vintage Cocktail Club - Dublin
  • Local Bar of the Year - The Igo Inn - Dublin

Fair play to the winners, but now we feel like we need to find a new watering hole. Now that the word is out, they'll be packed to the rafters!

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