WhatsApp's new updates making the app more and more like Snapchat

Facebook apps like Whatsapp have been known for borrowing a few of their rival’s features (they also tried to buy the company in the past). The trend continues with this latest.

The new WhatsApp update borrows two major features of Snapchat: new editing/drawing tools and new ways of taking pictures.

The new version is available through an update in the app store now.

You can now draw on pictures and use front-facing flash on your camera (so no more selfies in the dark).

Its new drawing tools are brought up when you take a picture, after which a series of icons appear which you can use to draw or write text on your pictures.


You can even overlay emoji on top of photos so it’s reeeeally like Snapchat.

Regarding the camera features, you now have the ability to slide up and down the screen to zoom in and out. Double tapping on the screen to swap between the front and back cameras.

WhatsApp and other Facebook apps have been criticised in the past for borrowing Snapchat features. For example, Instagram took the idea of ‘stories’ made popular by Snapchat.

Via Digital Spy

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