I'm Scarleh! Red Dresses, Coats And Tops To Suit Everyone

We can't hide from it. There are tacky little hearts and ratty little teddy bears in every shop window. It's enough to drive you into the arms of a flute of prosecco.

But one thing I do like about this love fest is the fact that my favourite colour is on shown, strutting her pouty stuff on the high street catwalk. Red appears everywhere at this time of year - deep claret through to beautiful ruby, it's a colour that just brightens up my day. And if they sell it in the two euro shop, you can be guaranteed it comes in a scarlet version at this time of year.

And from blue reds to tomato reds, there is a shade to suit everyone. So whether you want to wrap up in a cherry coat or vamp it up in an eye-catching dress, we have the picks for you.

Just don't team with green or you'll be channelling an elf who missed the sleigh home.


What do you think of our gorgeous gallery? Do you wear red? Do you think you have to be confident to pull off this hue? Tell us in the comments!

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