How to embrace the biggest jewelry trend of 2016 for less

Spring Summer sees accessories come into a whole new light. Suddenly, we have arms to show off bangles, and we can opt for a lower neckline to be a canvas for some statement necklaces. It's all very fun, and very very fashionable. Layering your accessories has been pioneered by Olivia Palermo, who is a total pro at stacking bangles and bracelets on both arms as well as adorning her fingers with lots of rings. But if you don't have Olivia's budget, how can you layer up the jewels for less?

Rings are the easiest, and thanks to multipacks from Claire's Accessories, Penneys and Accessorize you can try the trend without spending a fortune. I also adore the midi ring trend which you can add to an index finger that might well already have a ring on it. The whole thing is more is more. Stick to one metal for rings so that the look blends nicely.


Stackable ring set, €23.50, Accessorize Stackable ring set, €23.50, Accessorize

The same rule applies for necklaces but length is the important factor. If you prefer statement necklaces, then leave it at just the one. If chain necklaces are your thing, then layer up to your heart's content.

Mixed ring set, from a selection at Accessorize Mixed ring set, from a selection at Accessorize

Try wearing a short style just at your collar bone, then layer a longer one with it. I think this looks great if you are wearing a simple top or a block colour. Avoid if you are wearing print as you won't see any of your styling!

New Look, €22.99 New Look, €22.99

Bracelets and bangles are where you can have a bit more fun. If you like to wear a watch, pick out bracelets in the same colour or metal and wear them on the same wrist. Also, you stack on your arms, mix and match chunkier bangles with daintier bracelets. The contrast makes for great arm candy in the summer when you wear short sleeves.

Set of three bracelets, €19, Accessorize Set of three bracelets, €19, Accessorize

New Look, €6.99 New Look, €6.99

Are you a jewellery stacking fan? Do you prefer to stick to necklaces or do you do what I do and pile it all on?

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