5 black dresses you can totally wear to a wedding

The two colours that traditionally should be avoided as a wedding guest are black and white. But wedding style is changing, and so are the style rules

The biggest wedding style debate is over whether white is ever appropriate. The answer is it can be, but only in particular circumstances. The bottom line is, you should never wear a full-length white dress, no matter how un-bridal like you think it is. Many brides are rejecting traditional gowns in favour of shorter or more casual or simpler styles, and it is possible that she could wear a chic slip dress from Topshop, just like the one you have on.

Most of the time, a white base and a print or design is fine, but many people would say to avoid white altogether to be on the safe side; some brides would take serious offence. And seriously, it's not hard to do.


river island black wedding guest dress

River Island €95

If white is almost certainly out, what about black? Up until recently, wearing black at a wedding was a faux pas. Weddings are happy occasions, and black is not the most joyous of shades. But at every single wedding I've been to over the past three years have been women dressed in black, looking very un-funeral like indeed. Besides, how many funerals have you been to in Ireland where everyone was head to toe in mourning garb? It's not a thing in Ireland, so it shouldn't be an issue at an Irish wedding.

other stories black wedding guest dress

& Other Stories €99

I say yes to wedding black, and so does Coast, the quintessential wedding guest dress store that includes black dresses in the first few rows on the wedding section of its website. I would recommend injecting at least a hint of colour into your overall ensemble, however, in your shoes, or hat or bag. The cut and style are important too - it shouldn't look too stiff or formal unless that's what the couple getting married are going for. The time of year is a factor, too; you'll definitely see more women in black at a winter wedding.

theory dress

Theory €445

The best thing about wearing a black dress as a wedding guest is that you can have fun with accessories and jewellery.

new look black wedding guest dress

New Look €29.99

The simple rule to stick to is if you think it has a whiff of Morticia Addams about it, don't wear it. If it's something you might wear to work, it's probably not right. But if it's just a dress that happens to be black, that's a-ok.

folkster black wedding guest dress

Folkster €79

Have you worn black to a wedding? Do you think it's ok? What's your opinion on the white debate?

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