A-List Scent: Who's Your Favourite Fragrance Hunk?

man scent

You can't crane your head crooked these days without bumping into a 'sleb-endorsed scent, and while it used to be the province of the ladies of the species, the guys are clambering on the bandwagon with increasing regularity.

And my, what manly men they are: Gorgeous Clive for Lancome, smouldering Vincent for YSL and Matthew 'T Rex arms' McConaughey for Dolce & Gabbana, are just three alphas you're likely to see staring down at you from billboards and out of the pages of glossy mags.

Sissy? Pah, divil a bit of it. So, who's your fave? My Intense Internet Research (yes, it was a wearisome task, but I struggled on through) has revealed 13 A-List and Hollywood types currently inked into fragrance deals with fashion and beauty houses. Pick your (multi-choice!) fave now!


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