Diet Diaries: Why the first week really is the hardest (but oh, so satisfying)

Let me start by saying that I have never in my life stuck to a diet. I'm a hard worker but when it comes to diet and exercise I'm just too easy on myself and would have usually given up after day two.

But after a year of working in Beaut HQ as Beauty Editor, I started to notice my clothes just didn't fit the way they used to.

I was always used to standing all day when it came to work. As a makeup artist, I have spent my working career standing on set or makeup counter and walking all day every day. When I started in Beaut in September last year, I went from standing all day to sitting three days a week. Add salt to the wound, we are sent a lot of junk food throughout the week.

So I went from being a comfortable 7 stone to 9 stone in a year.

Please keep in mind that I'm only 5'1.

before after

Me now -v- me a year ago

When I got engaged in September I decided to indulge over Christmas and come January I would hit the ground running with the Anne Rossi Diet and join a gym.

Which is exactly what I did.

My end goal is to get back the figure I had a year ago for the wedding. If you missed my first article on the Ketosis Anne Rossi Diet, can catch up here.

  • Week One

They always say week one is the hardest. It is. For me cutting out junk food and eating five times a day was harder than giving up smoking.

I was put on "Phase 4" of the diet to start. I was to have four protein sachets a day and a proper meal.  With my lunch sachet, I could have a salad. I could choose what form my protein came in so I went for a chocolate drink in the morning, followed by apple cinnamon porridge at 11am, then a soup and salad for lunch. I could then have a protein bar and my healthy dinner (no carbs). I was to eat every 2 - 4 hours.

The first few days weren't that bad, but I was used to not eating much through the day so I was getting a lot more food than I was used to. After day three it started to get a bit more difficult. I started to get headaches no matter how much water I drank. My mind was not working. I lived in a constant "brain fog".

By day six, I couldn't think straight or communicate as well as I used to. Driving home from work, I had to pull over in the car because I felt dizzy.

Lucky for me, I have a weekly weigh in and "Body Contouring Therapy" which is essentially fat rolling - which I will go into more detail next week. Not only does it give you motivation to stick to the diet, it gives you reassurance that the symptoms you are having are normal.

The reason for my brain fog was because my body was so toxic with years of bad eating and lack of exercise. Sugar addiction is a real thing, people. My dizziness was because I have low blood pressure and simply salting my food more will help with that.

After week one I successfully lost 4lbs, which I'm happy with. Cnsidering I have never stuck to a diet before I genuinely am surprised and proud of myself having stuck to it perfectly.



Next week - week two!

What is the best diet you have ever tried?

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