A Plumper Pout For Christmas with Smashbox O-Plump


All that kissin' 'neath the mistletoe takes a toll on lips, I'm telling you. As there's no way of knowing where a bunch - and a handsome man - might be, I'm advising pre-emptive action. For a juicy, cushioned pout that'll stand up to the rigours of Christmas snogs, check out Smashbox's new O-Plump, €25.


Like its sibling products, O-Glow and O-Gloss, it reacts with your chemistry to turn a shade of pink that'll flatter your complexion - it cleverly works that out using hard sums and science. Plumping is delivered through gingermint, which stimulates the lips into a more-fuller featured appearance.  Tingly - but sure so will you be with all those Christmas kisses just waiting to be had.

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