All that glitters is (rose) gold: Nail bling for SS11

rose gold nail polishes

I have been all over rose gold jewellery like a particularly virulent rash for the last while, and as luck would have it rose gold is the metal of SS11 so it's dead easy to come by this season. However, the gorgeous chunky Michael Kors watch I've been eyeing up is leetle out of my price range just at the minute.


While I'm waiting for my Lotto numbers to come in so that I can wear that hunk of rose gold bling on my wrist, at least I can wear it on my nails. It makes a nice change from yella gold, which can look decidedly wintry and Christmassy, suits pale skins as well as more olive and darker tones, and adds a bit of subtle tonal sparkle to summer's neutral fashion palettes.

Glitter nail polish can be a red roasting bitch to remove - I've dedicated a post to addressing that very issue here - but it's so easy to apply you could do it in your sleep, dries quickly, and most will wear like iron, especially with a top coat applied, so for me that extra effort come cleaning time is a small price to pay.

rose gold swatches


rose gold nails

The four in my stash are a random nameless number from Claire's Accessories that set me back the princely sum of €2.95 (index finger), a Sally Girl mini with small and large hexagonal glitter pieces that I received from the States in a swap (middle finger), Models Own Pink Fizz, which is the most cool-toned of the bunch but not quite as silvery as it looks here (ring finger and thumb), and Eyeko Chi Chi, €5, which is a bit more muted because the base in which the glitter's suspended is rose-tinted and leans to the salmon end of the pink spectrum (little finger).

Eh, the cute cartoon poodle on the bottle may or may not have influenced my decision to make purchase of that last one.

glitter nails

Glitter is my preferred finish when it comes to metallic polishes because too many brands end up producing products that look old fashioned, frosted, and naff when they attempt to do metallics, and frankly I just like the bit of sparkle it affords, but rose gold foil effect polishes can look equally gorgeous if well executed (like Orly Foil FX Rage and MAC Soiree.)


What do you reckon? Could you be tempted to give rose gold nails a whirl?

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