The amount of money Zoella made last year is insane

We have a bedroom; we have a cabinet full of makeup products; and we have a phone with a camera that connects to the internet pretty easily. So why aren't we making £50, 000 a month?

Because apparently that's what Zoella makes.

According to The Sunday Times, between March and November last year, the YouTube superstar made a whopping £400,000, which works out at a £50,000 monthly salary.


She's only 25, but Zoe Sugg has over 10 million YouTube subscribers, is the author (kindof...she admitted it was ghostwritten) of a bestselling book and, as we mentioned, she makes enough moolah to retire pretty much whenever she likes.

She lives in a five-bedroom house with her boyfriend, fellow YouTuber, Alfie Deyes and basically, she can do absolutely no wrong. 

Goodnight ?

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What makes Zoella more bankable than you or me? Did she get lucky or does she have that genuine je ne sais pas?

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