How to apply glitter like a pro

Glitter is trending this season from catwalks to high street. If you want to wear it you just need the right tools to apply glitter like a pro.

Glitter can step up your makeup look and give you a gorgeous twinkle in your eye. If you apply it well it will add a pretty light-catching highlight and make your eyes pop like nothing else. Precise application will mean it sits just so. If you don't have the right products it will go all over the place and that can ruin a perfectly good makeup look.


How to apply glitter successfully

  • There are a few tricks to making this messy process less messy. To start, get a good glitter glue. Loads of brands have a particular glue that is especially for glitter application. If you can't get your hands on one specifically for glitter, you can use eyelash glue. Here are my top tips for applying glitter like a pro.
  • Choose a small area of your face where you want to apply the glitter- too much can be over-kill just a touch is enough to get the sparkly effect. I recommend the centre of your eyelids, centre of the lips or a glitter eyeliner.
  • Apply the glitter before your foundation to avoid it mixing in with your makeup.
  • Set everything up and have your tools ready before you start so you can access everything easily.
  • If you are applying it to your eyes, tilt your head back slightly to let gravity assist you and minimise the fallout.
  • Use your finger or a little synthetic brush to apply the glue to your eyelids. If you are doing a glitter eyeliner a disposable liner brush is ideal to apply the glue.
  • Tap some glitter into the lid or onto a palette so you don't end up getting glitter in your glitter pot.
  • If using your fingers, use one finger to pat on the glue and keep a clean finger just for glitter.
  • Apply the glue using the fullest part of your fingertip. Tap it on a tiny bit at a time and try to be precise so the glitter will only stick where you want it to be. Leave it to dry a little so that it becomes slightly tacky.
  • Using a clean finger, dip it into the glitter you have decanted and press it onto the glue.
  • Apply glitter before mascara so that it doesn't get stuck to your eyelashes.
  • After you successfully applied your glitter, dust off any fallout with a fan brush. Glitter can be stubborn so you may need to clean your skin with some cleansing water on a cotton pad before you apply the rest of your makeup.
  • If you are applying it to your lips it will stick to a creamy lipstick. If you want it to stay all night you can use a matte lipstick and apply eyelash glue just in the centre of your lips and press on the glitter in the same way you do on the eyes.


Are you excited to incorporate glitter into your makeup looks this winter or will you be staying well clear of it?

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