The Baldy Head on ya: Would you make like Jessie J and rock shaved hair?

Famed for her ever-changing do, fans of the singer weren’t particularly surprised at the news that Jessie J was to shave off her trademark black bob for Comic Relief. Predictably, she looks absolutely AMAZING. While we already knew she was a babe, without the heavy fringe Miss J is a little stunner. Look at those cheekbones!

I have to admit, I’m jealous. I’ve gone from long long locks to a pixie cut and back again, so I’d like to think I could do anything I wanted with my hair and make it work. But I have to get real - there’s no way I’d look good with a shaved head. It doesn't suit everyone - remember when Britney Spears went loo-la and shaved her head? Not good.

The amount of actresses and singers that have gone for the skinhead look and pulled it off just proves that hair does not maketh the woman. If you’re bloody gorgeous already, who needs hair?

Natalie Portman shaved off her locks for her role in V For Vendetta in 2006, and her bald head just highlighted the ethereal beauty of her face. Charlize Theron did the same for her role in the upcoming Mad Max remake, and - surprise surprise - looks phenomenal.


Though she stopped short of the stubbly look, Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for getting her gruaig chopped off on camera. Well, that’s not strictly true - she also put in a snot’n’tear-soaked performance as Fantine, but let’s give her credit for choosing to forgo a wig.

And of course, the godmother of the shaved head - our very own Sinead O’Connor, who shaved her head as a protest against traditional views of women. (Of course, it helps when you still look beautiful without it.) It’s gotten to the point that Sinead is virtually unrecognisable with hair on her head, and asserts that she doesn’t feel herself without her head shaved.

I don’t know if it’s something I’d ever do myself, but I certainly have to give props to the ladies who embrace the number one blade. Have any of you ever gone for the chop? Would you ever shave off your hair or go for a dramatically short cut?

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