Fix: The most popular stories of the week

We've festival inspo thanks to Coachella's sterling 'street style'; some snaps from Coppers' twentieth birthday bash; everything you need to know about nails thanks to Sally Hansen; products we mourn; and Amy Huberman heralding the "summer"!

1. Street Style at Coachella 2016
They like short shorts...

2. Coppers 20th Birthday

3. Three discontinued products we still cry over
Gone too soon...

4. The best makeup remover we have ever used
No word of a lie

5. Sally Hansen Nail Hub
All you need to know about nails!


6. 5 budget friendly beauty products that could be high-end
These ain't gonna break the bank

7. Four reasons why your brow hair is not growing
Moisturising your brow area is a no no...

8. 1st Look
Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass

9. We have found THE dress of the summer
Thanking you, River Island!


10. Amy Huberman heralds the end of tights
All it took was one Instagram...

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