Oh, hello! It's the new look Beaut

Beaut has had a bit of a makeover. If it was a living human, we'd have chopped our locks, got some Shellac nails and got our makeup done by a pro.

Like the way your hair goes through several life-cycles or how a cat has nine lives, Beaut is entering a new phase of its existence. For us, this means going up another level, in quality and style. Our sophisticated new logo not only represents Beaut as a whole, it represents you, too. Our smart, charming, beauty and style-loving readers deserve a really good site - a one-stop shop for the content you want to consume.

Beaut will always be about beauty, but we understand that 'beauty' means more than just makeup and skincare. We are passionate about reflecting our readers and the things that make you beautiful - which is more than just skin-deep. Beauty is of course tips and advice and news on makeup, skincare, treatments, haircare and bodycare. But it also means personal style. It means confidence, and ambition and opinion.


We're introducing more video content, not only to give advice and show tutorials but to go beyond the realms of traditional beauty. That's why our first new video series is Women to Watch, where we talk to inspiring women from all backgrounds on the secrets to their success.

Coming up on the new-look Beaut will be more video series', photo-shoots, personal guides and enhanced articles on reviews, shopping guides and advice.

Our 'new look', however, is just a spruce. In the next couple of months, expect your user experience to get even better, as Beaut goes under the digital knife. Watch. This. Space.

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