How To Deal With The Guilt That Comes With Buying Fast Fashion

We all have good intentions when it comes to buying less fast fashion but it's not always possible. This can often result in us feeling very guilty when we do buy fast fashion but it doesn't have to be that way.


The sustainable fashion movement has grown so much over the last few years. Now more than ever we're being encouraged to ditch fast fashion brands and start purchasing second-hand, vintage pieces instead.

This is all amazing but let's be honest, nobody's perfect and it's not possible for everyone to completely ditch fast fashion.

I'm not going to sit here and list all of the reasons why someone may not be able to make the switch because those reasons are infinite.

Plus, nobody should be ashamed for not having a completely sustainable wardrobe.

So here are a few ways to deal with fast fashion guilt:


1. Each purchase should have a purpose

So you may not be able to buy second-hand but you can ensure that everything you do purchase has a purpose.

Buying what you need instead of what you like is a great way to reduce your fashion waste.

Intentional purchasing will enable you to make better decisions when buying clothes and avoid waste.


2. Offset your fast fashion purchase with another sustainable activity

There are plenty of other ways to be sustainable, that doesn't involve fashion.

So instead of dwelling on the negative, start focusing on the other positive things you can do for the environment.


Simple things like ditching plastic straws and water bottles and only buying loose fruit and veg are all great sustainable swaps.


3. Take better care of clothes

Pay attention to the care label on your clothes, doing so well help you get more wear out of them and result in less fast fashion purchases.

Don't overwash them and make sure to separate your colours.


4. Put yourself on a shopping limit

If you're in the habit of buying new clothes every week, or every month, it can be hard to break that cycle.

An easy way to do this is to limit what you can buy, whether that's by designating a specific amount of money towards your shopping habit or limiting yourself to a certain number of items or both!

Slowly increase the limit until the habit is broken.


5. Remember that you're trying and that's what matters


Actively making an effort to become more sustainable is half the battle, so don't beat yourself up because you haven't mastered every aspect of sustainable living yet.


You're trying and that's more than enough.


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