Subtle And Stylish Ways To Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

It's an unwritten rule that you have to wear green on St. Patrick's Day but that doesn't mean your style has to suffer because of it. Here are some subtle yet stylish ways to wear green on Paddy's day.



If you're not a fan of wearing green but you still want to be a little patriotic then why not get your nails painted green.

It doesn't have to be that sickly green colour which is traditionally associated with Paddy's day, and you can play around with designs too!

These nails by Kirstan Hart the perfect example of some classy and subtly patriotic nail designs you could get for St. Patrick's Day.



Wearing jewellery with some emerald gemstones on them is another subtle and stylish way to incorporate green into your outfit.

You could pair emerald studded earrings with either a chunky necklace like this one from Erase Exclusive or a small pendant necklace.

The addition of a cool green manicure would create the ultimate subtle, patriotic look.



Hair Accessories

Another simple way to be patriotic is to wear a cute green hair accessory.

This green velvet headband is a gorgeous option or you could pick up some clips with emerald gemstones on them.

If you like your hair off your face then a green hair tie or scrunchie is another nice option.


Pick the right shade

The main problem with dressing for St. Patrick's Day is that a lot of people pick the wrong shade of green to wear, or they wear about 5 different shades.

The best way to avoid looking tacky is to find a shade of green that suits you and stick with it.

You also don't have to wear a fully green outfit.

Opt for just one piece of green clothing and balance it out with neutral or black clothing.



How are you embracing green for St. Patrick's Day? 

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