3 beauty trends from the runway you can actually wear

Beauty trends come and go with each season. Some are fantastical and creative, others are actually wearable. Here are three for SS19 you can genuinely wear.

Beauty trends usually come hot off the runway during fashion week season. Of course, the world of fashion works an entire season in advance, so eager beavers can always see what's coming up ahead of time. Sometimes, certain trends will be a little off the wall, complicated to achieve, or something you might only consider for a night out. Sure, they look great on a runway, but what about real life?

If you're more of a classic style over fashion kind of thinker - trends seem a bit fleeting. But, the way we look at it is, they can act as a way to help shake up your makeup ideas. After all, we will all find ourselves stuck in a rut one time or another.

We've picked out three of our favourite, wearable beauty trends for SS19.

Big Brows, Long Lashes


Often times we see "no mascara" looks on the runway. But in real life, who would be seen dead without mascara? This trend is about giving definition to the face, without overwhelming it with makeup. Plenty of lashes and perfectly prepped and groomed brows.

French Red Lips

Somewhere between a satin and matte finish - the classic Parisian look was popular for SS19. Team it with mascara and eyeliner for a retro feel or a simple sweep of neutral eyeshadow and mascara for a modern edge.

Shimmer and Shine


Glittery eyeliners and shimmering lids were seen at a lot of shows, in all different shades. It's a great way to wear something with a little sparkle without going all out. Make it wearable by balancing the look with a more matte complexion to let your eyes really be the feature.

Will you be trying these wearable beauty trends? Or sticking to your own tried and true makeup techniques?

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