Best of Body Care to Have You Feelin' Fancy

People tend to fall two ways when it comes to body products - either you're all about efficiency and opt for affordable products, or you're a lover of bath and body care, and love nothing more than the gift of fancy body products. I don't really know anyone who will spend more than €20 on body care, but I know lots of people (me included) who are more than happy to receive the gift of some luxury body products.bodycare1

  • Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil (€9.99)

This oil feels a lot more expensive than it actually is, and makes a lovely gift to yourself. If you like the glossy-legged look for nights out, this handy spritz oil will give it to you. It also just makes a really nice post-shower moisturiser. It's a dry oil, so it won't stain through clothes or cause you any fuss. For under a tenner, you couldn't do better. Did I mention that it smells delicious?

  • Jo Loves Pomelo Bath Cologne (£35)

Now this is a real luxury bath gift. You might know that Jo Malone sold her famous fragrance company several years ago, and has been working on this new brand - Jo Loves - for about three years now. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the brand recently, and the signature fragrance - Pomelo - is a divinely crisp citrus.

Pomelo bath cologne is rather ingenious - it isn't a bubble bath. Instead, it fills your bath with intensely fragranced steam, and leaves you smelling amazing when you hop out of the bath. I was seriously impressed by the ingenuity of this brand. All products are available from their website (they ship worldwide), or you can pay a visit to their flagship store in London if you find yourself there!

  • L'Occitane Rebalancing Shower Gel (€17)

I always feel cross and half asleep when I reel into the shower in the morning, so an invigorating shower gel makes me feel more awake. L'Occitane never go wrong with bodycare, and this unisex one is just fantastic. With cypress, juniper, lemon, thyme, and eucalyptus, I always feel better on the way out of the shower. It also contains mild physical exfoliants.


Between the very mildly scrubby texture and the olive, skin feels baby soft on the way out of the shower. Just keep it away from himself, because it'll be stolen in jig time!


  • The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub (€30.50)

The Body Shop Spa of the World Collection - released just last week - is the nicest body collection I've encountered in a long time. The fragrances and textures are incredibly luxurious. It may seem like a lot to spend on a body scrub, and honestly I probably wouldn't spend it on myself, but I would buy it for a loved one who I knew would appreciate it.

I highly recommend popping into your local Body Shop to have a poke and sniff at this range - it's beautiful. The Ximenia Scrub is my favourite because the fragrance is soothing, the texture is gentle - the grains are very fine but effective, almost like very soft, wet sand. I just love it.

  • Kiehl's Creme de Corps (€19.50)

No body list would be complete without this moisturiser. It's rich, golden and glorious. It's thick and unctuous, but disappears into skin and leaves it looking radiant. I wish I didn't like it as much as I do, because just 125 ml will set you back just under twenty quid, but if you're in the mood to treat yourself (or someone else), there's no better way.


Which are your 'special' body products? Are you a vaseline fanatic, or a fancy cream aficionado? Is bodycare worth spending on? To the comments!

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