Breaking News! Estee Lauder BB Cream Previewing at Brown Thomas RIGHT NOW!

estee lauder BB cream

Oyez oyez - here's today's big news: Estee Lauder's Daywear Antioxidant BB Creme SPF35, which doesn't go on general sale until February, is previewing at Brown Thomas right this very second.

If you'd like to get your hands on this exclusive ahead of the general launch and you've €40 to spare, then the creme comes in two shades and is an oil-free product that fits into the multi-benefit BB category thanks to protecting, perfecting and moisturising capblities.

Lets break it down: SPFs and antioxidants protect, sheer pigments, brightening optics and light-reflective pearls are the doohickeys to add the perfection element and for hydration there's what the brand is calling "a potent blend of balanced hydrators and barrier-boosting lipids provide deep, lasting moisturisation."


Sounds like it's definitely one worth a sample request, eh?

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