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Short, long, thin, muscular; ladies, your legs are lovely. We do understand, though, that there may be things you would like to change about them, in the same way you may rather fuller brows, longer lashes or a more even skin tone.

Of course, sparse brows can be amplified with a bit of powder; lashes can be extended with mascara and skin can look flawless with the right type of foundation. But, it's all about enhancing what you already have, not trying to disguise or fix so-called flaws.

Looking the best version of yourself does not have to stop at the neck; there are plenty of ways to enhance your already fabulous features, from using simple and easy tactics like working on your posture and investing in some really good underwear.

Most Irish women are familiar with the power of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, but Sally Hansen wants to get to know you better. Sally Hansen would love to find out what you dislike most about your own legs and wants to offer you the chance to review their product to see if it helps with your leg bugbear.


If you would like to be in with the chance to try out Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, all you have to do is take our poll and leave a comment below about why you are the perfect person to review.

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