You can do your eyes, cheeks and lips all with just one multi-tasker

This is the ultimate multi-tasker that fits nicely in your handbag. It will add all the subtle colour you need to your face for summer.

NARS really raised the bar with this roll up stick. They have a selection of colors so there should be one to suit everybody's taste. It has a creamy texture so leaves a dewy sheen on your skin.

You can apply it hassle free and easily using just your fingers. If you prefer a brush, you could stamp it onto your skin and buff it out using a small stiff duo fibre brush.

My favourite thing about this lovely creamy shimmer stick is that it will work on three areas of your face. It's a great way to create a light and sheer makeup that will all go together. Just apply some to your eyelids with your finger. Start at the lash line and buff it out with your fingertip. Then stamp some on the apples of your cheeks and use your fingers or brush to buff it out and up towards your hairline. Lastly, apply to the lips-straight from the stick or using your finger, just use it by itself for a sheer wash of colour or wear a liner underneath to strengthen the colour and make it more opaque and long lasting.


We love this peachy pink colour for the summer time. Use it on your eyelids, cheeks and lips for a gorgeous sun-kissed hippy chick look.

Nars the multiple south beach €41

Nars the multiple south beach

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