The €4.95 Catrice powder is the only one that truly sets our oily face

The Made to Stay powder joins a long line of Catrice products that have a permanent place in our makeup kit

I have always had really oily skin. At times it can be so oily that I literally have to remove my makeup and re apply throughout the day. It's more under control now thanks to Clear Skin Clinic, but for my skin type, even if I want a dewy finish, I have to use a matte foundation and powder otherwise my face looks wet.

I have tried so, so many powders to try to beat the slick, but it was this €4.95 beaut that really did it for me. Catrice Made to Stay Powder is an absolute Godsend for skin types like mine. The powder absorbs excess oil throughout the day keeping your skin matte, it's a lightweight formula and doesn't cake like other powders. It has a lovely velvety finish so that your skin doesn't get that dry-looking but chalky effect. When I use this, I can go for way longer without having to touch up.




Catrice Made to Stay Powder €4.95


It's the perfect addition to an oily skin or even for summer holidays or warm and humid environments. Personally, I like to apply it with a brush but for fuller coverage, you can use a sponge.

True to Catrice, the value of this product is exceptional. You might as well buy two and keep one in your handbag. That way you will never be caught out.

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