Celebrity Scents: Katy Perry Spring Reign

I have never bought a celebrity fragrance in my life. I've barely sniffed one. It irks me when someone from TOWIE or One Direction launch a scent but it's even worse when someone like SJP does it. Don't lower yourself, Sarah.

Who buys these perfumes? The same people who keep Katie Price's 'autobiography' at the top of the book charts? I just don't understand it. Of course maybe the perfumes smell divine and I'm being a total snob. I couldn't possibly wear Britney Spears on my pulse points though.

Anyway, Katie Perry was once just a medicore singer who kissed a girl and liked it; now she's some sort of entrepreneurial powerhouse! As well as her music related endeavors, she has a line of hoodies and t-shirts (well, they're for her tour, but still), you can even buy her 'Candy Girl' costume!

This echinacea ice cream isn't half bad.

She has THREE different fragrances out there already - Killer Queen, Purr & Meow and Royal Revolution - and she has a new one launching in February 2015, called Spring Reign.

It found its way onto my desk today and my curiosity was piqued so, I tried it.



For those of you who are familiar with Killer Queen, this is apparently a lighter version developed specifically for spring.

To my eye, the bottle looks like one you might have bought with your pocket money for your granny's birthday, or one you might have found in your stocking when you were seven. But let's put the packaging to one side because it's what inside that really counts here.

The scent itself is sweet and floral, but with a sharp undertone. And it lingers. Boy, does it linger. Which is great if you are a fan but not great if it's giving you candy brian-freeze.


It's not my thing at all - I think it's targeted at a younger twenties and teens age group. And maybe a pop music fan would love to walk into a spray Katy mist?

Katy Perry Spring Reign hits shelves in February 2015 and will launch at the special price of €19.95.


Have you bought celebrity scents before or been given them as a present? Am I being completely unreasonable by not giving them a chance? Are any of them absolutely gorgeous, giving designer scents a run for their money? Do set me straight in the comments!

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