Celebwatch: Joe Duffy

Poor Joe Duffy. Not normally known for his beauty rituals, he was suddenly catapulted into the extreme world of male waxing with the takeoff of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, by the Strawberry Alarm clock crew on FM104.

It's just sooooooo funny! And this morning on the way into work I heard it on Gerry Ryan - and Gerry hinted that the song may be released as a single. I hope it is.

Here's the first verse of Sexy Back sung by joeJOE & SHEILA (a frequent caller to Liveline)

I'm gonna shave me back (YEAH)
And then I’m gonna wax me sack and crack (YEAH)
I will be smoother than yer man 2pac (YEAH)
‘Cept I’m not dead and I am not black (YEAH)


Check them out on their Bebo site!

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