Chris Hemsworth reveals how he does his daughter's hair

Buzzfeed, they like to mix it up when it comes to their interviewing techniques. They asked The Huntsman: Winter’s War co-stars Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth to enage in a game of Never Have I Ever. Initially it seemed to confuse Chris greatly, but thankfully Jessica was on hand to remind him of the rules.

While things are a bit awks to begin with, the interview does throw up a rather adorable bit of information - Chris Evans plaits his daughter's hair. When Jessica asks: "Never have I ever french braided someone else’s hair?" he responds: "Oh yeah, my daughter for sure! I know how to do a plait - is that similar? I’m pretty good with India’s hair." Don't know about you, but my heart's currently melting right out of my chest and onto the floor.


Who did your hair growing up? Did you do it yourself, or did one someone else have a go? My hair was mostly left to my big sisters - which meant it was in my interest to be nice to them...

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