Your step-by-step for Christmas makeup that'll look like it was done by a pro

You'll be seeing all your friends and family over the festive period - impress them with your on point Christmas makeup

Our Aisling Powell is not just the Beauty Ed here at Beaut HQ, she's a trained MUA and she's sharing her pro skills with the masses. Yesterday, we surprised our Instagram followers with a step-by-step tutorial for this gorge Christmas makeup look, but if you missed it - it doesn't matter! Because we saved it all and this will never disappear. So bookmark it now and have ir on hand all Christmas long.

We'll tell you all the products we used, but, of course, use what you have. Leave any questions in the comments!

Step 1

Starting with Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil in Brunette, I lined the brows from the bottom and brushed the product upwards through the brows to defuse the line.

Step 2

christmas makeup tutorial 2

The brow ratio should always be 2/3 (front to arch ): 1/3 (tail)

Step 3

Christmas makeup tutorial 3

Using a full coverage concealer, clean up under the brow and create a base to blend your eyeshadow.

Step 4

Christmas makeup tutorial 4

Blend the concealer down towards the lid. I used P.S...My Perfect Colour Full Coverage concealer in light.

Step 5

Christmas makeup tutorial 5

Apply a warm-toned eyeshadow in the crease. The majority of the product should be in the crease. I used The Balm Smoke Balm with Foil.

Step 6

Christmas makeup tutorial 6

Using a fluffy blending brush, blend upwards from the crease towards the brow bone but not reaching it.

Step 7

Christmas makeup tutorial 7

With a smaller tapered blending brush, apply a darker matte toned shadow (I used The Balm Nude Tude Palette) in the outer corner of the crease. Make sure not to go up as high as your warm tone shade.

Step 8

Christmas Makeup Tutorial 8

Taking the darkest colour in The Balm Nude Palette - or any dark brown matte shade - use a liner brush to darken the crease only in the outer corner and bring it in a V shape under the lower lash line.

Step 9

Christmas makeup tutorial 9

Using a flat brush and a light matte nude shade, pat the shadow on the inner corner of the lid. I used IsaDora Nude eyeshadow for this part.

Step 10

Christmas makeup tutorial 10

Next, apply your liner of choice to the upper lid. I chose a liquid liner from Kiss.

Step 11

Christmas makeup tutorial 11

Extend the liner to create a wing. The easiest way to do this is to extend the lower lash line upwards towards the brow.

Step 12


Christmas makeup tutorial 12

Then bring the liner back inwards towards the original line across the last line.

Step 13

Christmas makeup tutorial 13

Considering it's the Christmas season, what would an eye makeup look be without some glitter? I used Estee Lauder to add the Christmas sparkle to the tear duct and inner corner of the upper lid.

Step 14

Christmas makeup tutorial 14

Apply your favourite mascara next. I used L'Oreal Paradise Extatic, which is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Make sure you treat your lashes like a fan. The inner corner towards the nose, the middle ones upwards and the outer ones angled towards your brows.

Step 15

Christmas makeup tutorial 15

I used the Rimmel foundation Lasting Finish 25Hour which feels like you aren't wearing anything yet really lasts. Thumbs up!

Step 16

Christmas makeup tutorial 16

After you blend it out from the centre of your face outwards, set with a loose or pressed powder. I chose e.l.f Beauty Shield.

Step 17

Christmas makeup tutorial 17

For the contour, I always use two shades. One should be three tones darker than your foundation and one two shades darker. Apply in the cheekbone hollows from the top of your ear to your lip.

Step 18

Christmas makeup tutorial 18

Also, apply along your jawline and down the neck. This will make your face appear thinner which is especially good at Christmas when your face can look a bit swollen from all that feedin' and drankin'.

Step 19

Christmas makeup tutorial 19

To define your contour, apply a satin or matte (skin type depending) highlighter under the contour and above it on top of your cheekbone. I used the Profusion contour palette for this.

Step 20

Christmas makeup tutorial 20

I used an Elizabeth Arden blusher/bronzer in sunset bronze to warm up my skin.

Step 21

Christmas makeup tutorial 21

The lip liner I chose is Clarins 01 Nude Fair. It's a great nude liner that works with so many lip colours.

Step 22

Chrismas makeup tutorial 22

This will help the lipstick adhere to the the lips and last longer.

Step 23

Christmas makeup tutorial 23

I used Inglot 83 lip paint. It's a peachy tone but you can choose any lip colour you like.

Step 24


Christmas makeup tutorial 24

Your look is complete! Now, go and enjoy your Christmas party.

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