Desk to Dancefloor Beauty Look: Your step by step picture guide

A quick smoked out cut crease desk to dancefloor beauty look that you can apply in the office toilets.

Christmas season is upon us and everyone seems to be going out for drinks every night of the week so you end up rushing from your desk. Here is a quick smoked out cut crease look that you can apply at your desk. Then, impress everyone with your Instagram-tastic look that took you five minutes to do.

The Blank Slate

I used lovely budget-friendly products to create the look:

desk to dancefloor makeup

Step 1

Apply Wet and Wild Ultimate Brow Highlighter under the brow bone.

Step 2

Blend it down towards the eyelid.

Step 3

Apply the Burnt eyeshadow shade from the Madison palette in the socket and under the lower lash line.

Step 4

With a clean fluffy brush, blend the colour upwards towards the brow but not reaching it.

Step 5

Darken the socket line with the shade Berry, not quite going up as far as you did with Burnt. This gives the smokey effect.

Step 6

Using Velvet, apply to the socket line and under the lower lash line, keeping in the crease line. With a fluffy brush, blend slightly into the Berry and Burnt.

Step 7

Apply your kohl pencil to the lower lash line. Blend this out with the Velvet shade.

Step 8

Using a flat brush, apply concealer to the lid to cut out the crease.

Step 9

Choose a light tone eyeshadow to press over the concealer. I used Daisy from the Madison Palette.

Step 10

Next using a liquid liner, line the upper lash line and blend it out on the outer corner with Velvet.


Finish the look with loads of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.


Give it a go yourself and send us in your photos. And if there are any makeup tutorials you would like to see us do comment below.

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