Colin Farrell Sports most revolting hairdo ever: and yes it's for a film but STILL

God know's he's had some bad looks over the years.  For a while there we were afraid he'd fall into some bin bags and be put out with the rubbish, he looked so manky.

He was going through hard boozing and shagging years and obviously never had a second  to think of a razor.  Or a shower.  Or ditching the Yasser Arafat scarf that must have been welded to his neck.

But an in annyways (as Colin would say himself), he cleaned himself up and became our movie star golden boy again.



Look I know this is just for a part in his latest film (Winter's Tale) and he's sporting this vile crop for a good reason, but honestly he looks horrendous.  The jet black greasy hair has turned me off him quicker than you can say Hitler Youth.

Poor Colind.  For this level of sacrifice you need an Oscar at least.  Come back to us soon you hear?

What do you think?  Fancy a bit of Colin like this, or want him to grow out the undercut and wash out the Raven Black stat?

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