Six of my favourite polishes for spring: plus a peek inside my stash!

For some reason, I'm drawn almost exclusively to dark, metallic and glitter polishes in winter and to brights, neons, and, er, glitters in summer.

What can I say? Whatever the weather, I always love me some fingertip bling.

With temperatures nudged into double digits over the weekend I was literally itching to race home from the hen weekend I was on get some colour on my nails. (It's possible the itching was actually an allergic reaction to a laundry detergent being used by the place we were staying rather than a psychosomatic manifestation of my nail polish addiction, but still.)

one of my 'brights' drawers

Now that my Helmer is once again within easy reach, my only problem is trying to decide which one of my 130 summery shades to crack open first (while hoping to God and the baba Jay that my dad doesn't ever happen across that figure. Or those photos.)

I'll wrangle with that dilemma, and in the meantime you can take a peek at my current summer favourites...


Some summer days, only a bright pink will do. This one is a cool-toned bubblegum shade, and gains its place on the list because (a) the polish has a superb subtle iridescence which adds depth rather than obvious sparkle and (b) it's great for a quick fix, since it's passably opaque in one streak-free coat and dries quickly to a high gloss, no-top-coat-required shine.
Jessica Amira: Smitten Kitten from SS13's It's A Girl Thing collection, €12.50

On any given day between about April and October, it's very likely that this is what I'll be wearing on my toes (it's one of about three polishes in the known universe that have the capacity to make my feet look halfway decent.) Neon purple photographs horribly and dries matte, but honest to Betsy it's fabulous on nails when topped with Seche Vite (you can see it in action here.)
Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple, available through selected Sally salon supply stores

I find greens and blues really hard to wear with my colouring, but this teal never gives me any trouble. (Unless, of course, I try to take a picture of it, when it leans obstinately more blue than it is in person. Le sigh.)
Rimmel 60 Seconds Sky High, €5.33

Orangey, tomatoey reds like Essie Escapades are my go to for a chic winter mani, but in the summer I kick the coral content up a notch. Although plenty of versions now abound, Rimmel Lycra Pro in Coral Romance remains my favourite of the lot as the wide brush makes application an absolute cinch.

Mavala The Elle Grey was a limited edition magazine freebie and of course it isn't technically a bright, but as the softest, lightest grey in my collection it sees plenty of action in the summer when I'm in need of a non-flesh toned nude.


Whether I'm in need of a full-on bling hit or wearing a nude polish that I fancy jazzing up with a sparkling accent nail or gradient tips, I'll invariably reach for a rose gold glitter to do the job during spring/summer.
Claire's Accessories rose gold glitter, €2.95

See any of your favourite shades there? What colours are you going to break out for the summer? Do tell!

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