Dove hair minimising deodorant: the trial begins


With summer on its way hair minimising deodorants are back on the telly in heavy rotation. But never mind minimising hair - do they work as well as regular deodorants too?  My ape like underarms have gotten so bad recently that I am forced to shave them every bleedin day.  And even at that a five o'clock shadow springs up mere hours later.

So  hair minimising deodorant seems like a no brainer for me, don't you think?  Promising to minimise hair growth within a month or so it would be deadly if they actually work.  Unless (and this is the part that haunts me), they're not as good and strong as regular deodorants.  Anyway I bravely resolved to give it a go and see if these dual purpose products actually do what they say they will.

Day 1:  Buy some Dove hair minimising deodorant in the supermarket.

Day 2:  The universe works in mysterious ways.  Dove send me two cans of it to try the very next  morning.  Feck.  Still if it works I won't have  to buy any more deodorant for ages.

Day 3:  Kirstie gives me a "present" of another two cans of  the stuff - plus a roll on.  So now I have six.


Day 4:  Still haven't worked up the nerve to try it.  The six cans stare accusingly at me from the bathroom shelf.

Day 5:  Gingerly spray it on.  Then really go for it and blast it under my arms - no sense in not doing it properly.  Working from home so if I suddenly start to whiff no one around to faint except cats.

Day 6: Still using it.  Warm day and it seems to be holding up.  I hope.

Day 7:  In work today so bring (strong and trusted) backups in my bag just in case.  Seems to be ok though. Difficult to resist the urge to have a quick sniff every five minutes however.

Day 8: I'm in it for the long haul now and will update you in a month's time.  Maybe my pit hair will be "minimised"?  Oh I hope so.


Please god, as mammy might say.

Aerosols retail at €4.25 and roll-ons at €3.49, and you can bag them at chemists and supermarkets.

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