Here's the €4 dupe for the YouTubers' fave Ben Nye Banana Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder will be known to anyone who has spent more than one afternoon 'researching' makeup tutorials on YouTube

What beauty fan hasn't fallen victim to spending a couple of thousand hours watching makeup tutorials? I know it's not just me. If you have to (don't deny it), you'll recognise this infamous product: Ben Bye Luxury Banana Powder. You'll have seen many the YouTuber using this baby to colour correct the face by highlighting down the nose and under the eyes. The yellow toned powder is mainly for a more sallow complexion, but I mean, the majority or Irish gals wear a lot of fake tan nowadays.

(Rose powder is for 'typically Irish' skin types, by the way.)



Ben Nye Banana Powder


Ben Nye Banana Powder €48.50

Ben Nye is an online brand and can be bought in some pro makeup shops. The product was made for the theatre and film industry to withstand the hot lights and long days and loved for drag makeup in a technique known as "baking". But with makeup becoming more and more popular as the days fly by, these type of products are beginning to make their way to the masses.

Being on the ball as always, the PS range from Penneys has just launched their own version of banana powder for a whopping ... €4.

Penneys Ben Nye Banana Powder dupe

PS... Banana Powder

The loose setting powder range comes in three shades: rose, rice and banana. In layman's terms, these are pink, neutral and yellow. The powder is flying off the shelves in Penneys at the moment. I tried it out for myself, and I will say it's similar to Ben Nye, but not quite as yellow based and the consistency is much more matte. The less yellow yellow colour actually makes it better for an Irish skin tone really, but the consistency is too matte for around the eye area.


It's great for a young skin, but for anyone with fine lines around their eye area, the chalk and zinc based product might not be for you.

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