The easy nail polish hack to customise your own shades

We've got an easy nail polish hack that means you can customise your own shades. Or alternatively, patch up your shellac if you're in a jam!

This nail polish hack is nice and easy and could come in very handy someday. Especially if for example, you were stuck with chipped nail varnish or grown out shellac and don't have your original shade to hand.

Customising your own nail polish may or may not be on your list of priorities. But it's fun to know how! I came across this technique while experimenting for a photo shoot. I wanted a nail polish to match a blue eyeshadow exactly and couldn't find one that was quite right. So, I set about creating it myself.

To customise your own colour, start with a neutral nail polish (clear or white are good bases too). You'll also need a small paintbrush to use instead of the nail varnish brush (although you could use it, and then clean it off). Next is your powder pigment, be it actual pigment, eye shadow or blusher. Cream colours don't work, unfortunately, as they're too greasy to set. A small amount of nail polish remover will come in handy too.


Pour a small amount of your base nail polish into the dish along with some of the pigment. Mix them together, ensuring that there are no lumps or bumps. If it starts to set, add a touch of nail polish remover to loosen it up. Then paint your nails as normal.  Below you can see the original shade I had, and then the new one I made.

This technique would work if you wanted to darken a shade or brighten one too. It's just a case of experimenting with the colours. To avoid staining (which can happen with certain pigments) use a good quality base coat underneath. A top coat will leave a glossy sheen.

So that's my easy nail polish hack! It wouldn't be an everyday solution but for those times when you want something that's all your own, it's perfect.

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