E'lifexir Flat Tummy

flat tummyOh sing hosannas! A FLAT STOMACH! Could you imagine? It's something so many of us can only dream of, and regularly wrest ourselves into torture-pants to achieve.

Well, now you can wave goodbye to pot bellies because I've found a product called E'lifexir Flat Tummy which claims to be able to ease a bloated stomach! It can also help IBS sufferers, reduce the cramps you can sometimes get with digestion and ease bouts of constipation too.

It's a prebiotic in tablet form and it basically helps you to achieve a healthy intestinal function. This can be unbalanced so easily by our lifestyles - stress, fags n' booze and a bad diet can all contribute to an unhealthy digestive tract because they can lead to a reduction of the good bacteria present in your gut. And that can lead to pot bellies and discomfort.

The tablets help to stimulate the growth of the good bacteria that live in the intestine. Essentially they provide food for the good bacteria in your gut, which helps lessen the side effects caused by the bad guys. The net effect is that you feel more comfortable and have a flatter stomach. Now that's a result!


You're recommended to take them for 30 days to really see the change, but unlike a lot of these sort of dietary wonders, it actually doesn't cost the earth. A two week supply should cost you about €15 and it's widely available from health food shops nationwide or online at naturesdream.co.uk.

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