Estee Lauder Blockbuster for Christmas 2010

estee lauder blockbuster

Oh YES! How do we love the annual Estee Lauder Blockbuster? Mightily, we do. This year's is better than ever with a case and golden makeup bag, four brushes, 18 new Pure Color Eyeshadow shades, a deluxe face palette compact containing four blush/bronze shades, lipsticks, pencils, gloss and an eye makeup remover to boot. It's gawjus and it can be yours for €69 with any Estee Lauder fragrance purchase.


This is one of the most popular mother-gifts for Christmas there is - buy yer mammy some perfume and add this in on top: sure she'll love you forever. As always, there are limited stocks of this so if you want it - go and get it very soon indeed.

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