Expert tips for how to make your eye makeup last all day and night

Eye makeup creases and runs and smudges. When any of these eye makeup issues happen, it's not a good look. Here's how to make your eye makeup last.

Panda eyes are not a good look on anybody. Smudged mascara is the ruination of any beautiful smokey eye. Another pet hate we have in the eyeshadow category is when your eyeshadow ends up in one crease across your eyelid. Then there's eye goop. Everybody hates eye goop. Here are our top tips on how to make your eye makeup last all day and night.

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Stop the smudge

Mascara smudging underneath the eyes is an issue, so many of us face. It's generally caused by the oil in your skin under the eyes and on your eyelids. Some of us will have oilier eyelids than others. So you might be lucky enough never to face this problem no matter the mascara you wear. If you do have this issue though there are a few things you can do to stop the smudge. Firstly powder the eyelids and under eye area really well before and after applying your eyeshadow. Then use a smudge-resistant or waterproof mascara. They tend to stay put better than most mascaras and won't be as likely to move with the oils in your eyes.


Creasy eyeshadow

Here's another super annoying issue that is also caused by the oil in our skin. There's nothing more discouraging than spending aaaages getting just the right blend on your eyeshadow, and then it ends up in one clunky crease across the centre of your eyelid. The way to stop this happening is to prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Use a primer specifically for the eye area. Then make sure to set it with powder to be absolutely sure it won't budge. This should hold your eyeshadow in place, and it will make the colours come up stronger as you apply them.

Beat the goop

Eye goop or 'mascara goop' as Chandler Bing liked to refer to it as is just awful. It makes your smokey eye look untidy, and it's a bit gross, to be honest. This is usually down to a build-up of kohl pencil in the waterline. It slides and builds up in the inner corners of the eyes. To stop this happening, you need to set your eye pencil the same way you set your foundation or any cream product. If you like to use a kohl pencil, you can use a black eyeshadow and dab it over the top of your kohl pencil to set it in place. If you don't have black eyeshadow, you can use translucent powder on a little eyeshadow brush to set your waterline.

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