Mascara Wands: every type of brush explained

Mascara should be one of the more simple makeup products, but it's not. Formula is important, but mascara wands play a big part in your lash transformation

We are always looking for a new and perfect mascara, one the makes our lashes extra-long, thicker and fuller all without clumping or giving you dreaded panda eye by the end of the day.

The 'next best formula' comes and goes with more frequency than a Madonna comeback. So why haven't you found 'the one' yet? The answer is probably the wand. We all have different hair types which means we all have different lash types. Some of us have very long but straight lashes, some very curly, some short and stumpy and some sparse. When it comes to mascara, what you need to think about is the 'type' of lash hair you have and what you want to achieve, similar to when you buy your hair shampoo or conditioner. If you have dry hair you will need a hydrating conditioner; if you are oily you will need a clarifying shampoo and so on.

We are here to explain exactly what each type of wand does so you can make an educated decision next time you need a new mascara.

Big Wand


This type of wand is best for volume. A bigger wand means more product and more product means more volume. With each application, the majority of the mascara will get deposited at the root of your lashes, building width with every coat.

Tapered Wand

This type of wand is best for volume and definition. The brush holds most of its volume at the base but thins out toward the top. It's excellent for separating each individual hair. The tapered tip makes it easy to coat bottom lashes also.

Hour Glass Wand


This wand is best for a fan-like effect. The U-shaped brush reaches the outer corners of lashes, pulling them up and out with each application. You’ll get most volume and definition at the outer edges of the lashes for eye-opening effect.

Skinny Wand



This wand is best for lengthening. Its thin wands grabs every lash right at their base and because it coats each lash evenly from the very bottom to the very tip, they end up looking much longer.

Curved Wand



This wand is best for curling. The bend in the wand hugs the natural shape of your lashes to help move them upward and outward.

Comb Wand

This wand is great for thickening. It grabs every little lash, separates and coats with minimal clumping. So if your lashes are naturally scarce and short, this wand will make them look fuller and thicker.

Corkscrew Wand


This wand is great for really lifting lashes. It hits your lashes at three different points with every stroke. Move it back and forth and side to side from base to tip to ensure total coverage. Your lashes will look different lengths, like a doll's.

Ball-Tipped Wand


This wand is great for definition. The spiked sphere on the end means you can spend time detailing individual lashes for a totally custom look. It gives you the ability of a normal wand with a detailing tip to get all the little lashes, the inner and outer corner and the lower lash line lashes.


There you have it, everything you need to know about choosing a mascara by the shape of its wand.

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