Fa La La La Lush: Christmas Gift Sets Have Arrived

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is perturbed by the fact that winter started on November 1st exactly. The way that cold front swooped in was freakish. Even if you can't bear to admit it I'm afraid it must be acknowledged: we've entered silly season. Don't try to resist it, embrace it and the world will be a happier place.

So, Christmas gift ideas it is then!

Lush are always, always a good bet for lovely looking, friendly cosmetics. Handmade, natural and not-tested-on-animals, no one could be disappointed if they received one of these babies!

Lush Xmas Boxes

And let's hear it for the stocking fillers!

To dissect, the Golden Wonder box contains one of Lush's famous bath bombs - the Golden Wonder - which is actually sparkly golden and smells divine (and turns you into Jill Masterson out of Goldfinger). Also within the Golden Wonder gift box is special Christmas product Gold Fun. It's malleable so you that you can fashion it into a soap or a bubble bar or use as a shampoo.

Golden Wonder

In the Little Snow Fairy box is Snow Fairy sparking shower gel and Pink Fun, the pink version of Gold Fun. Both boxes are €10.25 so well within the budget realm but still an impressive and usual gift.

There are three other gift boxes in this, the under-€13, range; Poptastic, Joy To The World and Secret Santa.

Magical Elves Box Lush

The Lush Elves Workshop is my favourite. It's a big tin box containing four yummy body products:

  • Drummers Drumming bubble bar
  • The Christmas Penguin bubble bar
  • Butterbear bath bomb
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb

Look at the little penguin peeking out willing you to, eh, melt him in your bath. So cute!

Box Soaps

At €23.95 this set has to be for a great lover of baths. Or a great lover of big tin boxes. Ideally both. The products inside are almost too adorable to melt and smather all over yourself but you will definitely want to.

Of course these aren't the only Christmas products Lush have to offer. You can buy seasonal Bath Bombs shaped like Santa, a Christmas Pudding, a Christmas Hedgehog (huh?) and the like for from between €2.50 and €6.75, soaps from €3.95 and heaps of lovely sets.

Luxury Lush Pud Luxury Lush Pud

Are you a fan of Lush? Does anything in their collection sound like something you would buy for Christmas? What would you use the Elves Workshop tin for if you got one? So share in the comments!

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