How to do fabulous Halloween makeup from your makeup bag


The pressure is on people. October 31st is fast approaching and the competition for fabulous Halloween makeup is hot!

Happy Friday the 13th everybody. What better day to make our plans for all Hallows eve this year. Have you noticed how utterly amazing everyone has become at Halloween makeup over the last few years? The competition is hotting up big time. If you are not painted blue from head to toe with very realistic scales, or at least wearing a fancy masquerade look you are not invited! Makeup is so widely available now, it used to be a little difficult to get the quality makeup you need to create awesome Halloween looks but not any more. And we bet you have everything you need to do fabulous Halloween makeup right at home.

All you really need are some coloured liner pencils, a pot of black gel liner or a few coloured gel liners for that matter and red lipstick! And you can create some pretty impressive makeup. I'm not a huge fan of dressing up so my motto is "if you do a good job on the face nobody cares about the rest". Really cool makeup makes it look like you've put in the effort even if you just wear black jeans and a top.

Here are five makeup looks you can do with regular makeup bag products:

For this one all you need is your pot of black gel liner and a good detail makeup brush like a MAC #210.

This one requires a really pale foundation-we've all bought the wrong foundation shade before, now its about to come in handy! Black and brown eyeshadow for the shading on the cheeks and your black gel liner for the detail.

A sugar skull is my favorite pretty Halloween makeup look. It's not too difficult to do and you get to doodle on your face and use lots of different colours. For this one you just need black gel liner and a pink lip pencil to fill in the design.

And here's one I made earlier! This is my own Halloween look using just blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner and black gel liner.

Last but not least, a beautiful masquerade design will give you instant fancy dress party-approval. Just a fine liner brush and black gel liner needed for this one again.

What is everybody dressing up as this year?

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