Can face mapping help solve the mysteries of breakouts?

Face mapping dates back thousands of years. But what it is exactly? And can it help to decipher breakouts once and for all?

Face mapping is something that you might have heard of before. But if you haven't, it could give some insight into why (and how) your skin is behaving in a certain way. Especially when it comes to breakouts.

Have you ever wondered why a spot pops up in the exact same place all the time? Or why you've suddenly developed a cluster over a specific area - even though you've been sticking religiously to your skin care routine? Maybe there's congestion you can't quite shift. Well, that's where face mapping can help. But what is it exactly? And how does it work?

What is it?

Face mapping is a technique that has been used for centuries in the world of Chinese medicine. The theory behind it is that you can see the reflection of the body's organs on each part of the face. Fundamentally, what that boils down to, is that our complexion is like a map of our entire body. By looking closely, it can tell us what's happening internally.


How does it work?

The map of our face is divided into different sections, each corresponding to a different organ. If you're suffering from congestion or breakouts, checking the map might help you decipher why they're happening. Here's a simple break down of the most commonly affected areas:

  • Forehead: This area is typically associated with the spleen, kidneys, stomach and liver. All of these can be aggravated by stress as well as lack of fibre or water in the body. Try eating lots of veggies and upping your water intake to improve the look of skin and reduce breakouts.
  • Cheeks: Externally, our cheeks can be prone to breakouts due to mobile phones, or pillow cases that need changing etc. But in terms of face mapping - our cheeks reflect what is happening with our lungs. Which is apparently why we go so pink after a cardio session. If you're a smoker, you'll notice that it can often be a problem area (especially after a big night out).
  • Jawline and chin: This is one of the more painful areas to get spots. It's associated with the digestive system including the large intestine. So, try to avoid fatty foods. The jawline can also flare up due to hormones (such as during your period).

Would you try face mapping? Do you think it works?

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