Fantasy Christmas Gift Guide: Phil Mitchell

phil mitchell

Phil 'it's all about the fhhhaaamly, innit' Mitchell is a bit of a stress-bunny. If Peggy's not completely reasonably entreating him to murder her errant husband then he's marrying a loony who he then has to throw off a roof, or he's dicing with comedy debt collectors and working out a plan to cheat Ian Beale out of his hard-earned.  Plus, the stress of dealing with son Ben's ballet addiction is a step too far for this neanderthal man.

In other words, Phil finds it hard to relax and to take that all-important time to nurture his inner aspect (© Goop) - oh and lets not forget the old anger management issue, eh?

So he's inspiration number one for this year's Fantasy Gift Guide. Should I be getting Phil in the Queen Vic's Kris Kindle, then I'd be handing him a festively-wrapped parcel containing some Bach Rescue Remedy (a couple of drops under the tongue when Billy kicks off will see him right) and L'Occitane's Lavender Shower Gel - the ideal way to kick-start a day of calm and good, non-gangster intentions.


Scented treatment candles in blends like bergamot and lavender will also help Phil promote a sense of wellbeing behind the bar and if things get particularly rage-inducing and he feels a stress-headache coming on, then Origins Peace of Mind is an excellent antidote to murderous impulses.

Got any other suggestions for Phil for Christmas 09? Want to see another celeb featured in Fantasy Gift Guide? Rate and request in the comments!

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