How to banish flaky skin once and for all from head to toe

Flaky skin is part and parcel of the colder months. Or is it? We're looking at different ways to banish dry patches once and for all.

Flaky skin is the bane of a lot of our lives. From little patches on our face to rough skin on our elbows and scaly legs. It can be uncomfortable, even itchy at times, especially when central heating is involved. These things become all the more apparent in the wintertime too. So we've decided to tackle flaky skin head-on before the weather really changes.

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Most of the time when we think of a dry scalp, we think of dandruff. But not everyone with a dry scalp automatically has dandruff. Sometimes the delicate skin can become dry through the products we use, over styling or from lack of hydration.

If you find your scalp leans towards dryness during wintertime, try using a gentle homemade exfoliator by adding a little brown sugar and oatmeal with some conditioner. Massage it in, then thoroughly wash it out. Alternatively, before bed, massage some coconut oil into the roots and scalp to hydrate skin.


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Dry patches and flaky skin on our faces are commonplace during winter. 99% of the time these are due to dehydration (and maybe a couple of bad skin habits). Over scrubbing the skin or overuse of glycol acids can sometimes make things worse, causing redness and even irritation. So before you reach for the industrial strength exfoliators, try dabbing on a nutritive multi-purpose balm to the areas that are affected. This will penetrate the dry layer and help to heal the skin underneath.


Our limbs are usually where we see the worst cases of flaky skin, from scaly legs to dry feet and hands. Creams and lotions can work quickly and effectively to nourish the skin, but if you don't have time for that then try a pH neutral body wash or conditioning shower oil instead.


Those are some quick and simple ideas for keeping flaky skin at bay. But one that we didn't mention is probably the most key of all. And that is - drinking enough water. We all know we should and yet... we don't need to say anything else do we?

Do you suffer with dry skin too? Do you have any additional tips?

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